Sonatype Selected by Equifax to Support OS Governance Press Release


You Can't Manage What You Can't See: Open Source Governance Starts with Visibility

By Derek Weeks on December 17, 2018 open source goveranance

The former CIO for the IRS appeared on television this past weekend to discuss the recent House report on the Equifax breach published by the Energy and


House Oversight Report: Equifax Open Source Breach Was Entirely Preventable

By Matt Howard on December 10, 2018 equifax
This afternoon, the House Oversight Committee issued a report stating that the  Equifax breach was entirely preventable with basic open source security

WSJ on Struts: Companies Still Downloading Flaw Linked to Equifax Breach

By Elissa Walters on May 09, 2018 devsecops

This morning, Kate Fazzini of The Wall Street Journal wrote an article titled “Companies Still Downloading Flaw that Led to Equifax Breach,” dissecting new


2018 DevSecOps Community Survey: Automation Races Against Breaches

By Derek Weeks on April 16, 2018 devsecops

As the world witnessed record breaches in 2017, leading IT teams were integrating and automating more security practices throughout the software development 


GDPR and OSS. How are they linked and why should you care?

By Ryan Sheldrake on November 29, 2017 #OSSsecurity

What does GDPR have to do with Open Source Software (OSS)?

The answer is Data. 


Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Lessons Learned from Equifax in Congress

By Matt Howard on October 03, 2017 equifax

This article published yesterday in Gizmodo -- and this one published this morning in the Wall Street Journal shed light on what Rick Smith, former Equifax


GDPR Compliance? Lessons Learned from Equifax

By Matt Howard on September 22, 2017 Open Source

I’ve spent a ton of time over the past few weeks chatting with different folks about GDPR and how this soon to be enforced EU regulation is contributing to


Insecure at Any Speed

By Mike Hansen on September 18, 2017 nader

In 1965, Ralph Nader became a household name with the publication of “Unsafe at Any Speed”, his pointed critique of the serious safety risks foisted upon


Equifax and Struts: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.

By Matt Howard on September 14, 2017 equifax

Last week Equifax announced that it had suffered a massive security breach that exposed Social Security numbers and addresses, of up to 143 million