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Perception versus reality: A data-driven look at open source risk management

By Luke Mcbride on November 11, 2022 vulnerability

2 minute read time

Get insights, background, and data and key takeaways from the 8th Annual State of the Software Supply Chain report. Hosted by Dr. Stephen Magill.

Open source best practices for higher quality code to fundamentally strengthen your project

By Aaron Linskens on November 09, 2022 Open Source

8 minute read time

A look at some basic practices for higher quality code to help fundamentally strengthen your project.

14 All Day DevOps (ADDO) sessions you won’t want to miss

By Sonatype on November 01, 2022 News

2 minute read time

ADDO returns on November 10, 2022. There are 180 speakers covering six different tracks, but these 14 sessions are ones you won't want to miss.

Webinar recap: Best practices for managing (and supercharging) your software supply chain

By Sonatype on October 28, 2022 Forrester

1 minute read time

Sonatype and Forrester talk the latest research related to software supply chain management and provide insights on best practices from DevSecOps leaders.

An open source maintainer's best practice: How to use SBOMs to root out project vulnerabilities

By Aaron Linskens on October 25, 2022 Open Source

6 minute read time

The second entry in Sonatype's series for Security Slam explores how your project can benefit from the use of a software bill of materials (SBOM).

Open source best practices: Key documents to help welcome new contributors to your project

By Aaron Linskens on October 17, 2022 Open Source

5 minute read time

This series of blog posts on best practices for open source maintainers was created in partnership with CNCF for Sonatype's Security Slam event.

On the road again: Here comes September

By Steve Poole on September 06, 2022 Events and Webinars

4 minute read time

Sonatype DevRel folk will be speaking, presenting, and there to help at open source conferences, Java conferences, and more throughout September 2022.

Top 5 reasons to join Sonatype's 2021 DevSecOps Leadership Forum

By Sara Budsock on April 27, 2021 Events and Webinars

2 minute read time

Join us on May 4 for real stories and tangible best practices from 8 DevSecOp experts on both sides of the development and security aisle.

DevSecOps Leaders: The Conversation Continues Online, May 7th

By Matt Howard on May 04, 2020 devsecops

3 minute read time

Learn from DevSecOps experts May 7th to align software, security, and operations resources so organizations innovate faster with less risk.