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20 DevSecOps Reference Architectures to Help

By Derek Weeks on February 06, 2018 JIRA

Sixty-five percent of people are visual learners.  I’m one of them.  

Over the past several months, I assembled 20 DevSecOps reference architectures from


Continuous Delivery: The Atlassian Way

By Derek Weeks on March 11, 2016 JIRA

At the recent DEVNEXUS conference in Atlanta, Sonatype’s Mark Miller (@TSWAlliance) caught up with Ian Buchanan (@devpartisan) for our 2016 DevOps


Nexus, Continuous Delivery and DevOps: Slideshow Gallery

By Mark Miller on January 16, 2015 JIRA

As TheNEXUS Community Project reaches a milestone of membership with over 1600 members, we’re adding another section to the resources for the site: a


The Atlassian Story with guest Tim Pettersen on Nexus Live

By Mark Miller on July 11, 2014 JIRA

Developers around the world are using BitBucket, Stash, Confluence, Jira and HipChat to help manage their projects. In the July 31 installment of Nexus Live,