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10 Best Practices for Microservice Architectures

By Derek Weeks on May 27, 2018 microservices

4 minute read time

We all know the challenges of sustaining a monolithic architecture over many years, so we seek new alternatives to sustainability, flexibility, and ease of.

All Day DevOps: Practitioner-to-Practitioner

By Derek Weeks on October 30, 2016 Continuous Delivery

2 minute read time

All Day DevOps will deliver 57 practitioner-led sessions over 15 hours and 15 time zones. No vendor pitches are allowed.

DevOps Leadership Series: Monitoring Containers and Microservices

By Derek Weeks on May 19, 2015 monitor

1 minute read time

Trevor Parsons (@trevparsons) is a Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Logentries, a leading SaaS-delivered log management and analytics service.