Identifying Security Vulnerabilities Inside a Jenkins Pipeline

By Katie McCaskey on October 16, 2019 JenkinsCI

2 minute read time

Justin Young (@whyjustin) demonstrates how a malicious component can access your connected network - and how to identify that component inside Jenkins.

Continuous Integration In The Age Of Containers - Part 1

By Curtis Yanko on December 28, 2017 Docker

6 minute read time

A practical example of how to build and test a modern, containerized, application using Docker and the Nexus Platform.

Shift Security Practices Left: New Nexus Plugin for Jenkins Pipelines

By Justin Young on April 17, 2017 Nexus Lifecycle

3 minute read time

With the latest Nexus Platform plugin for Jenkins 2.x, organizations now have access to continuous component intelligence within their Jenkins CI/CD pipelines.