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Nancy, on a Boat! (Announcing Nancy for Docker)

By DJ Schleen on October 17, 2019 Docker
Nancy checks for vulnerabilities in your Golang dependencies, powered by Sonatype OSS Index. docker-nancy wraps the nancy executable in a Docker image.

Nexus Repository Now Supports APT

By Sable Yemane on August 19, 2019 Docker
Nexus Repository Manager 3.17 supports Advanced Package Tool repositories. Use APT to search, install, manage packages on Debian, Ubuntu, and Linux.

Using Webhooks to Integrate Nexus Lifecycle with Red Hat Quay - Part 1

By Curtis Yanko on May 07, 2019 Red Hat
How to use Webhooks to integrate Red Hat's Quay into Sonatype's Nexus Lifecycle for devsecops and container security in Docker.

How-To Deploy a Private Docker Registry on Google Cloud Platform with Nexus

By Mohamed Labouardy on January 08, 2019 Nexus OSS
Mohamed Labouardy shares a step-by-step guide on how to deploy Sonatype Nexus OSS 3 on Google Cloud Platform and how to create a private Docker hosted repository to store your Docker images and other

Keeping Your Nexus Repositories Clean Just Got Easier

By Jeremy Bryan on October 25, 2018 Docker
New clean up policies are now available in Nexus Repo 3.14, including support for Docker.

Nexus Reference Platform: Kompose, OpenShift and Helm

By Curtis Yanko on August 29, 2018 Docker
Exploring the migration from docker compose to kubernetes, openshift, and helm for the nexus reference platform.

Nexus Reference Platform: Docker Stack and Kubernetes

By Curtis Yanko on August 27, 2018 Docker
Nexus Reference Platform deployed to kubernetes using docker compose.

Docker Image Security for DevSecOps

By Derek Weeks on April 08, 2018 Docker
An overview of typical Docker deployments, explained the attack surface and threats, presented how to detect vulnerabilities, and outlined a couple of best practices. In short, his advice will help

Running The Nexus Platform Behind Nginx Using Docker

By Curtis Yanko on February 27, 2018 Sonatype Nexus
How to run your Sonatype Nexus platform as Docker containers in cloud environments to power your devsecops abilities.