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by Wayne Jackson, on September 07, 2018

Tags: Sonatype, devsecops, sonatype momentum, funding, Open source governances, TPG

by Brian Fox, on August 23, 2018

Tags: Nexus Lifecycle, Apache Struts2, Struts2 vulnerability, struts breach, Open source governances

by Michelle Dufty, on August 14, 2018

Tags: github, open source development, Open source governances, oss index, DepShield

by Mirco Hering, on June 19, 2018

Tags: devops, Devops adoption, Open source governances, DOES London, DevOps Enterprise Summit, Mirco Hering

by Hack Overflow, on June 14, 2018

Tags: Devops, devsecops, Struts2 vulnerability, open source vulnerability, Open source governances, cryptocurrency

by Brian Fox, on May 10, 2018

Tags: data protection, gdpr, Open source governances, secure by design

by Elissa Walters, on May 09, 2018

Tags: software bill of materials, devsecops, equifax, Struts2 vulnerability, open source vulnerability, open source risk management, Open source governances

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