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7 software license types explained: Open source and closed source

By Crystal Derakhshan on April 26, 2023 Open Source

7 minute read time

Navigate the complexities of software licenses with this comprehensive guide. Explore their differences, implications, & management strategies.

Wicked Good Development Episode 25: The struggle with open source licensing

By Kadi Grigg on January 20, 2023 licensing

25 minute read time

Filipp Kofman and Adam Such talk best practices for handling open source licensing and how beneficial it can be for managing dependencies.

What to consider when crafting your OSS policy

By Filipp Kofman on July 15, 2021 legal

4 minute read time

Building a plan for using open source software in your company means less confusion and risk. Find out what to consider for your business.

Operating Without an OSS License? That Could Be Dangerous!

By Derek Weeks on April 17, 2019 Nexus Lifecycle

4 minute read time

The intent of OSS licensing is to to make sure software can remain open source and freely used.