Sonatype Selected by Equifax to Support OS Governance Press Release


Manufacturing Without a Warehouse = Development Without an Artifact Repository

By Manfred Moser on February 11, 2016 artifact repository

Can you imagine a large manufacturer like Toyota, Samsung or General Electric managing all their parts without one or numerous warehouses? Probably not,


Sonatype Closes $30 Million Financing

By Wayne Jackson on February 04, 2016 Sonatype Nexus

At Sonatype, we know that two things are true:

  1. Security, quality, and speed are critical to modern software (business) success, and
  2. The world’s best software

42,000 Nexus Repository Managers, and Growing!

[Editor's Note: An update to this article is now available. As of February 2015, active Nexus instances have reached 50,000. For more information, please


Nexus 3.0 Technology Preview (Milestone 1 Release)

By Brian Fox on September 04, 2014 nexus pro

The Nexus development team at Sonatype is pleased to announce the release of the first milestone build (M1) of Nexus 3. This release is a technology preview


RebelLabs Java Survey Results: Developers Love Nexus

By Derek Weeks on June 02, 2014 Nexus Repo Reel

Another informative and well-presented RebelLabs survey has hit the streets. Their 2014 Java Tools and Technologies Landscape report was just released and


Taking Advantage of the New and Improved Nexus 2.7

By Manfred Moser on November 14, 2013 Nexus 2.7

One of the approaches to software that I strongly believe is in taking advantage of the latest product innovations in all new releases. I think it's important


How Will you Manage the New Addition of A9 to the OWASP Top 10 List?

It’s fair to say we were excited back in May when the OWASP community proposed A9 “ Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities” as a top 10 open source


Ken Rimple Interviews Brian Fox: Maven 3, Running Central, and Nexus

By Tim OBrien on March 22, 2012 Nexus Repo Reel

Brian Fox sat down with Ken Rimple of Chariot Solutions to talk about Nexus and to put repository management in the context of recent developments with


Some Good Reasons to Upgrade to Nexus OSS 2.0.1

By Tim OBrien on March 08, 2012 Sonatype Says

We know you are out there. You downloaded Nexus 1.9 or 1.8 last year, or maybe you are still running a version of Nexus 1.4 that is years out of date. Well, if