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You Don't Need A Browser to Use Maven Central

By Joel Orlina on June 09, 2011 search

Since its release in January, the Maven Central website ( has provided Apache Maven users with:


Taking Repos Offline/Online via the Nexus REST API

By Tim OBrien on April 21, 2010 Nexus Repo Reel

This post runs through a simple Ruby script that manipulates the offline/online status of hosted Nexus repositories. Such a script would be useful if you


Documenting the Nexus REST API with Enunciate

By Tamas Cservenak on February 08, 2010 nexus pro

Nexus OSS Core has more than 120 REST Resources published. And that number is just increasing with new Nexus Plugins. Not to mention Nexus Pro that comes


Searching with the Sonatype Nexus REST API: Groovy

By Tim OBrien on November 21, 2008 scripting

This post is a follow-up to the previous post which provided some sample Ruby scripts that can be used to list repositories and search for artifacts in a


Searching with the Sonatype Nexus REST API: Ruby

By Tim OBrien on November 19, 2008 scripting

When you search for artifacts using, the browser is querying the Nexus repository using a REST API. In this post, I'm going