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Search Improvements Available in Nexus Repository Manager 3.14

By Michael Martz on October 17, 2018 Nexus Repository 3

We’ve been working on improving the search experience in Nexus Repository Manager 3.14. If you’ve ever had difficulty finding what you want, these changes


Improving the Nexus Search Experience

By Daniel Sauble on February 08, 2018 Nexus Repository 3

Our team has been busy making improvements to the Nexus Repository Manager 3 experience, including a new tree view in 3.7 and a new upload UI (releasing


Book Update: Repository Management with Nexus

By Mark Miller on June 10, 2014 search

With the recent release of Nexus 2.8, we've updated the online documentation, Repository Management with Nexus (2.8). The most recent addition to the


You Don't Need A Browser to Use Maven Central

By Joel Orlina on June 09, 2011 search

Since its release in January, the Maven Central website ( has provided Apache Maven users with:


Searching Central Just Got Easier with Nexus

By Tim OBrien on October 16, 2009 nexus pro

We've made a small, but important change to the front page of (You might recognize the design.)


Use to Search Central Maven Repository

By Tim OBrien on November 19, 2008 search

If you are looking for the easiest way to search for artifacts in the Central Maven Repository, go to Sonatype maintains a


Searching the Maven Repository

By Tim OBrien on November 11, 2008 search

A common question from Apache Maven users is "How do I search the central repository?" or "How do I find out what groupId or artifactId I should use for a