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by Derek Weeks, on September 13, 2016

Tags: software bill of materials, Software Supply Chain, RubyGems, High Availability, PyPI, Nexus Repository Pro

by Derek Weeks, on February 27, 2015

Tags: repository manager, continuous deployment, Nexus vs. Artifactory 2015, Nexus vs. Artifactory, Software Supply Chain, Nexus, rundeck, Nuget, npm, thenexus, Docker, Nexus Repository, 2015, RubyGems, continuous integration, Open Source, Chef, puppet, Nexus vs. Archiva, Puppet Labs

by Mark Miller, on December 04, 2014

Tags: nexus pro, artifactory, Nexus vs. Artifactory, Nexus Repo Reel, Gradle, Sonatype Says, smart proxy, Nexus OSS, Nuget, thenexus, Hudson, ant, RubyGems, Maven, Devops, jenkins, staging

by Brian Fox, on December 01, 2014

Tags: nexus pro, artifactory, Nexus vs. Artifactory, Nexus Repo Reel, Sonatype Says, Ruby binary support, Ruby on Rails, Nexus OSS, Hudson, Everything Open Source, RubyGems, Open Source, jenkins, Ruby Gems language

by Derek Weeks, on November 10, 2014

Tags: Cyber Supply Chain Management and Transparency Act, H.R. 5793, repository health check, government open source software (GOSS), Sonatype Says, Nexus OSS, Nexus, open source components, Nuget, Cyber Chain Integrity Act, npm, application supply chain management, open source nexus, The Central Repository, RubyGems, open source software supply chain, Open Source, Cyber Supply Chain, Maven, bill of materials (of 3rd party and open source co, java, cyber supply chain management, Software supply chain management, application health

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