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Enhancing software supply chain security: New Sonatype product capabilities

By Tara Flynn Condon on August 21, 2023 News and Views

3 minute read time

Sonatype announces the latest enhancements for Sonatype Repository Firewall, Sonatype Nexus Repository, and Sonatype Lifecycle.

Sonatype Nexus Repository 3.30: Microsoft Azure Blob Storage Support for Expanded Cloud Deployments

By Brent Kostak on March 15, 2021 Product

4 minute read time

Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro users can now manage and deploy their critical infrastructure on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform.

Sonatype Nexus Repository as a Container Registry

By Brent Kostak on September 09, 2020 containers

5 minute read time

Say hello to Sonatype Nexus as a Container Registry! Built on enterprise storage capabilities, Sonatype Nexus Repository is a robust package registry for all of your Docker images and Helm Chart

Workflow Automation: Publishing Artifacts to Sonatype Nexus Repository using Jenkins Pipelines

By Dmitriy Akulov on June 12, 2020 AppSec

8 minute read time

Use Sonatype Nexus Repository to create an automated workflow to build, store, organize, and monitor the compiled Maven artifacts through a CI server.

Access npm Packages After Securing Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager

By Daniel Pacurici on March 20, 2020 npm

3 minute read time

Here are the steps necessary to secure packages, like npm, on the Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager.

How to Get Started With Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager OSS

By Omkar Hiremath on January 14, 2020 Open Source

6 minute read time

Repository managers play an important role in software development. Learn how to use Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager OSS to optimize package storage.

The Central Repository is Moving to HTTPS

By Terry Yanko on December 20, 2019 central maven repository

3 minute read time

Beginning January 15, 2020 The Central Repository will no longer support communication over HTTP. We are moving to HTTPS to ensure greater security.

Sonatype Nexus Repository Now Supports APT

By Sable Yemane on August 19, 2019 Docker

2 minute read time

Nexus Repository Manager 3.17 supports Advanced Package Tool repositories. Use APT to search, install, manage packages on Debian, Ubuntu, and Linux.

How to Use Gitlab-CI with Sonatype Nexus Repository

By Sudipt Sharma on August 14, 2019 CI/CD

7 minute read time

Sudipt Sharma demonstrates how to establish a CI/CD pipeline using gitlab-ci and deploying artifacts to Sonatype Nexus Repository.