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DJ Schleen

DevSecOps Advocate

Security Should Stop Being a Drag

By DJ Schleen on September 06, 2019 deployment
An application should withstand automated, manual, or user testing. Security vulnerabilities, although extremely important, are in reality non-functional.

Success Requires Reflection on DevSecOps Failures

By DJ Schleen on August 23, 2019 DevOps Culture
There are so many books on how to succeed, but none about the major challenges and headaches that will ultimately occur when beginning a DevSecOps journey.

A Sort of a Homecoming - Why I Joined Sonatype

By DJ Schleen on August 08, 2019 featured
The open source and supply chain problem facing the industry is one of the major reasons why I joined Sonatype. I can make an impact evangelizing DevSecOps.

Security Organizations Need to Start Thinking Like Developers

By DJ Schleen on July 30, 2019 security
Developers must think more securely, and security teams need to learn more development skills. Cross-discipline awareness strengthens software development.

DevSecOps: Integrating Automated Security Controls

By DJ Schleen on March 21, 2017 devsecops
Security continues to be an afterthought in many development pipelines. In DevOps, security is taking on a new role where high velocity meets security at scale