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Tools, Not Rules

By Sylvia Fronczak on June 12, 2019 DevOps Culture
American Express went through a DevOps identity crisis to fully understand how important culture was to making the right tools stick in their organization. Tim Klever shares their lessons learned.

The What and Why of DevSecOps

By Curtis Yanko on June 19, 2018 DevOps Culture
At its heart, DevSecOps is about a culture of learning so that we can become innovative.

The Guards Are Changing:  How DevSecOps is Transforming the Application Security Profession 

By Matt Howard on April 08, 2018 DevOps Culture
How the simultaneous "need for speed" and "quest for control" is not only driving organizations to embrace DevSecOps -- but is also revamping what it even means to be an application security

The Difference Between DevOps and Everything Else

By Curtis Yanko on June 27, 2017 DevOps Culture
Instead of strictly defining it, DevOps needs to be described by what it is and what it is not.

DevOps: Making the Boring Things Stay Boring

By Derek Weeks on January 18, 2017 DevOps Culture
Robots have, “Lower utility, but greater predictability.” They do exactly what they are told, and they do it the same way, every time.

DevOps for Small Organizations: Lessons from Ed

By Derek Weeks on January 13, 2017 Continuous Delivery
Ed Ruiz's journey to modernize their membership structure at ASPPH through DevOps. Ed discusses a CAMS approach: Culture, Automation, Measurement and Sharing.

DevOps Leadership Series: Software Supply Chains [Video]

By Derek Weeks on May 05, 2015 RSA Conference

Another theme that arose often during our recent “DevOps: Wine-ing, Not Whining” event was the importance of software supply chains. Every software development organization has a software supply


DevOps Leadership Series 2015

By Derek Weeks on May 01, 2015 RSA Conference

We recently hosted the 2nd annual “DevOps: Wine-ing, Not Whining” event in San Francisco to bring together a number of thought leaders and leading practitioners in the DevOps field. We traded stories