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20 DevSecOps Reference Architectures to Help

By Derek Weeks on February 06, 2018 devsecops

Sixty-five percent of people are visual learners.  I’m one of them.  

Over the past several months, I assembled 20 DevSecOps reference architectures from


28 DevOps and Continuous Delivery Reference Architectures (Vol. 2)

By Derek Weeks on September 08, 2015 devops tools

People want to get going with DevOps or Continuous Delivery, but need a place to start. Others are already on their way, but need some validation of their


Continuous Delivery and Nexus

By Derek Weeks on March 19, 2015 artifact repository

At QCon London, David Farley (@davefarley77) told the audience that “continuous delivery changes the economics of software delivery”. I could not agree more.