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Storage Management Best Practices: Part 2 - Expand Storage with Ease

By Kam Lau on October 02, 2020 Nexus Repository

6 minute read time

In part 2 of Storage Management Best Practices, we explore the benefits of using Group Blob Store.

Dynamic Storage: Four Ways That Blob Storage Got Smarter With Nexus Repository Pro 3.15

By Andrew Taylor on January 24, 2019 Nexus Repository

3 minute read time

The release of Nexus Repository 3.15 this month builds on our blob storage functionality with the launch of Dynamic Storage.

Nexus Repository 3.12: Support for S3 Blob Stores

By Michael Prescott on May 25, 2018 Nexus Repository

2 minute read time

NXRM 3.12 adds support for S3 Blob Stores.