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How DevOps evolved into DevSecOps: Embracing security in software development

By Aaron Linskens on February 09, 2024 devsecops

3 minute read time

Understand how DevOps and DevSecOps are crucial to optimize software development and ensure security is not an afterthought in an SDLC.

DevSecOps maturity model: A beginner's guide

By Aaron Linskens on January 26, 2024 devsecops

6 minute read time

Explore the concept of a maturity model within the context of DevSecOps which serves as a guide to fortify security practices within software development.

What goes great with SLSA? Sonatype.

By Jeff Wayman on December 06, 2023 Software Supply Chain

6 minute read time

Learn about seamless compatibility between SLSA and Sonatype products, highlighting the powerful synergy that can enhance your software security efforts

How can SLSA help secure your software supply chain?

By Jeff Wayman on December 05, 2023 Software Supply Chain

5 minute read time

Learn how Supply-chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA) can help secure your software supply chain and provide a safer software development environment

DevSecOps: A beginner's guide

By Aaron Linskens on December 04, 2023 shift left

6 minute read time

Explore the fundamentals of DevSecOps, its principles, practices, and the shift it represents in security within the software development life cycle

Getting started with the Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF)

6 minute read time

Discover how to get started with the Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF), what it contains, and why should you leverage it

How to improve your software supply chain with a software security framework

8 minute read time

Enhance software supply chain security with a framework. Protect against attacks, meet regulations, and release secure software. Learn more now.

Did You Try Turning It Off and On?

By Mark Miller on June 05, 2020 devsecops

1 minute read time

At one of the world's largest tech companies, the inability of approximately 13,000 employees to send and receive email was the catalyst for sheer panic.

Six Memorable Sessions With Government DevSecOp Leaders: What We Learned

By Jason Green on May 07, 2020 Cybersecurity

4 minute read time

Chris Roberts, Ron Ross, Katie Arrington, Nicolas Chaillan, and Lauren Knausenberger join Sonatype leadership to discuss security trends in the government.