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Nexus, Continuous Delivery and DevOps: Slideshow Gallery

By Mark Miller on January 16, 2015 JIRA

As TheNEXUS Community Project reaches a milestone of membership with over 1600 members, we’re adding another section to the resources for the site: a


Goodbye SVN, Hello Git

By Brian Demers on April 29, 2011 GIT

We are moving both our public and private source repositories to Git for a few reasons:

  • Git works better for people with slow or lagging connections
  • Branch

Next Generation Maven Development Stack @ JFokus

By Jason van Zyl on January 26, 2010 GIT

For my talk today at JFokus today I've taken the liberty of starting some notes for folks interested in attending. There's a lot to cover and so I thought I


Maven Tips and Tricks: Using GitHub

By Tim OBrien on September 08, 2009 GIT

Sonatype uses GitHub to host a number of projects including all of our books. It has been a very valuable tool for us, and we've already seen great