Sonatype Selected by Equifax to Support OS Governance Press Release


Open Source Software Is Under Attack; New Event-Stream Hack Is Latest Proof

By Brian Fox on November 27, 2018 event-stream

Earlier this year, I detailed a new battlefront for open source software based on the fact that bad actors are increasingly polluting public wells like npm


New JavaScript intelligence now available in the Nexus Platform

By Michelle Dufty on August 29, 2018 Nexus Lifecycle

Today we released a new version of our JavaScript intelligence, making it easier for developers to analyze and remediate vulnerabilities and license issues.


Using Nexus IQ Server with the webpack Plugin

By Ross Pokorny on December 15, 2017 Javascript

Over the past several years, the frontend JavaScript development ecosystem has been moving increasingly towards the use of dependency managers such as NPM


On the Web: Testing Javascript with Apache Maven

By Tim OBrien on March 18, 2010 Nexus Repo Reel

A few years ago Javascript was still something of a curiosity for most web developers. Fast forward to 2010, and most web applications are using liberal