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Dynamic Storage: Four Ways that Blob Storage Got Smarter with Nexus Repository Pro 3.15

By Andrew Taylor on January 24, 2019 Nexus Repository

For users storing their components and assets in NXRM, we added the ability to create S3 blob stores last Spring. The release of Nexus Repository 3.15 this


Staging in Nexus Repository Pro 3.11

By Michael Prescott on May 15, 2018 Nexus Repository

NXRM Pro 3.11 includes two new powerful features: Staging and Tagging. Together, these two features will let you build staged workflows for your


Nexus Repository Rising: Say Hello to the New Pro

By Derek Weeks on September 13, 2016 software bill of materials

Free Birds, Free Coffee, and Free Willy.  Software development  is hard enough, so we’re making it easier.  You see, a few years ago Sonatype made a promise