Wicked Good Development Episode 16: Ted Neward's Philosophy 101

By Kadi Grigg on October 21, 2022 philosophy

38 minute read time

Ted Neward discusses philosophy and software development with Steve Poole, Kadi Grigg, and Omar Torres.

Wicked Good Development Episode 15: Russ Eling talks founding OSS Consultants and open source compliance

By Kadi Grigg on September 22, 2022 Community

22 minute read time

Russ Eling, Founder & CEO of OSS Consultants, joins Kadi Grigg and A.J. Brown to discuss how his tenure at General Motors led to founding OSS Consultants.

Continuous Compliance and DevOps

By Derek Weeks on June 17, 2019 OSS compliance

3 minute read time

Compliance automation is critical to DevOps infrastructure. Christoph Hartmann, lead engineer at Chef and the creator of InSpec, explains the benefits.

OSS Compliance: Lead or be Led, Your Choice

By Tim OBrien on April 05, 2012 Nexus Repo Reel

2 minute read time

OSS Compliance: Lead or be Led, Your Choice