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by Mark Miller, on January 15, 2018

Tags: OWASP, owasp top 10, software security, DevSecOps in Government

by Mark Miller, on January 12, 2018

Tags: OWASP, Open Source, podcast, OpenChain

by Mike Hansen, on November 17, 2015

Tags: nexus pro, Nexus vs. Artifactory, Compliance, OWASP, Nexus Firewall, AppSec, OSS governance, Nexus Repository, Application Security, CVE

by Derek Weeks, on May 12, 2015

Tags: Software Supply Chain, OWASP, AppSec, Nexus Repository, Open Source, Application Security, Devops, DevOpsSec, Rugged DevOps

by Derek Weeks, on September 23, 2014

Tags: Cyber Supply Chain Management and Transparency Act, H.R. 5793, government open source software (GOSS), Sonatype Says, OWASP, open source components, Cyber Chain Integrity Act, application supply chain management, software hackers, A9, component vulnerabilities, open source software supply chain, Open Source, Cyber Supply Chain, Application Security, bill of materials (of 3rd party and open source co, cyber supply chain management, Software supply chain management, AppSecUSA, AppSec Spotlight

by Mark Miller, on August 14, 2014

Tags: OWASP, Everything Open Source, Black Hat, game show, AppSec Spotlight, wait wait

by Derek Weeks, on December 02, 2013

Tags: Component Lifecycle Management, PCI, Sonatype Says, component governance, OWASP, Everything Open Source, clm, AppSecUSA, AppSec Spotlight, FS-ISAC

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