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Nexus Repository 3.7.0 Released

By Daniel Sauble on December 20, 2017 Nexus 3

We are pleased to announce that hierarchical browsing is now available in Nexus Repository 3.7.0. We’ve implemented both a browse view in the UI and an HTML


"Maven 3: Reloaded" Presentation from Devoxx '09

By Jason van Zyl on February 25, 2010 Sonatype Says has just published my "Maven 3: Reloaded" presentation from Devoxx '09. In this presentation, I put our current focus on Maven 3 in context and


Next Generation Maven Development Stack @ JFokus

By Jason van Zyl on January 26, 2010 GIT

For my talk today at JFokus today I've taken the liberty of starting some notes for folks interested in attending. There's a lot to cover and so I thought I


Nexus: Improving Maven Central and Supporting the Maven Ecosystem

By Jason van Zyl on January 12, 2010 repository

Nexus is more than just a repository manager. It is a project that has been developed using the same underlying infrastructure of Maven, and it has forced