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Perspective on IBM and Red Hat: The Sharing Economy Writ Large

By Bill Karpovich on October 29, 2018 Red Hat

When Red Hat crossed the $1B mark in 2013 it was a big deal in the Open Source business community.  Finally an "open source company" had crossed the


Want to Understand Software Supply Chains? Ask Red Hat

By Matt Howard on September 01, 2017 Red Hat

At Sonatype we've spent a lot of time over the past few years researching and writing about software supply chains.  I mean A LOT.

Red Hat is another


Container Considerations on Your DevOps Journey

By Derek Weeks on May 02, 2017 Red Hat

Containers are things for your things. That is true in the development world too - containers are things for your software, and, like containers for your


Red Hat Summit is a Quality Choice: Here's Why

By Matt Howard on April 28, 2017 Red Hat

As the person at Sonatype responsible for marketing and channels, my team and I frequently sponsor, attend, and speak at a wide variety of technology


Banking on Built-in Security Checks

By Derek Weeks on April 28, 2016 Red Hat

You’ve seen the headlines: Financial services are a top target for hackers. From breaches at Anthem to cyberattacks at JPMorgan Chase, cybercrime has


Sonatype attending Red Hat's Eclipse DemoCamp

By Heather Loney on June 26, 2010 Red Hat

The Open Source aficionados at Red Hat are hosting an Eclipse DemoCamp in Toronto, Ontario on Tuesday June 29. Red Hat works to bridge between the


Red Hat at the Maven Meetup in Guelph

By Heather Loney on June 01, 2010 Red Hat

Sonatype is excited to announce that members of Red Hat, a leader in open source development, will be presenting at our upcoming Maven Meetup. Red Hat will