5 Tools to Automate SBOM Creation

By Eddie Knight on February 13, 2023 agile development

6 minute read time

A look at five different tools that can be integrated into your development workflow to automatically generate a software bill of materials (SBOM).

The Shifting Landscape of Open Source Supply Chain Attacks - Part 3

By Brian Fox on January 26, 2023 thought leaders

12 minute read time

Brian Fox shares insights on who’s responsible for the security of software supply chains, and how orgs can minimize impact on efficiency and speed.

Product Management in a DevOps World

By Michael Riemer on February 06, 2018 agile development

4 minute read time

The combination of DevOps, Continuous Delivery. and Continuous Integration is transforming the practice of product management. In this article, we'll take a look at three areas that most affect

Part 1: The Internet of Everything: Code, Cars, and More

3 minute read time

Just like automobile manufacturers, software “manufacturers” need to apply supply chain management principles for both efficiency and quality. They need to be prepared to conduct a rapid and

Walking in the Open Source Component Garden

3 minute read time

Its not everyday I can stop to enjoy my afternoon tea outside on my deck, overlooking my garden. But today I did and while admiring my beautiful blooming flowers, I started to draw some parallels


3 Reasons Manual Policies Just Don’t Work

2 minute read time

Over the past four years, Sonatype has surveyed open source development organizations and year after year, we find that developers have the best intentions. They strive to build good quality code,