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Continuous Integration In The Age Of Containers - Part 1

By Curtis Yanko on December 28, 2017 Docker

When I was running a DevOps team back in 2012 BC (before containers) we had learned some powerful lessons. One of those lessons, as we got some automation


Faster, Smarter DevOps

By Derek Weeks on March 04, 2016 Software Supply Chain

Call it DevOps or not, if you are concerned about releasing more code faster and at a higher quality, the resulting software delivery chain and process will


Continuous Delivery and Nexus

By Derek Weeks on March 19, 2015 artifact repository

At QCon London, David Farley (@davefarley77) told the audience that “continuous delivery changes the economics of software delivery”. I could not agree more.


Dogfooding Nexus

By Derek Weeks on March 16, 2015 Nexus

We share stories often about how agile and DevOps teams are using Nexus to support their continuous integration and delivery efforts. If you have missed


Sonatype and Bamboo: Improving Your Builds

By Derek Weeks on March 03, 2015 Software Supply Chain

Sonatype now provides native Atlassian Bamboo support to improve the quality of your build outputs. Sonatype provides instant analysis of open source


Nexus Reaches 50,000

By Derek Weeks on February 27, 2015 repository manager

Active Nexus instances have grown 100% within the past 18 months. Just awesome. And, YOU, our user community made it happen. As of today, we surpassed the


Nexus 3: New Milestone Release

By Jeffrey Wayman on February 12, 2015 artifact repository

There are those of us that like to stay on the cutting edge of technology, fiddling with the latest and greatest, even if it means the experience might be


Nexus, Continuous Delivery and DevOps: Slideshow Gallery

By Mark Miller on January 16, 2015 JIRA

As TheNEXUS Community Project reaches a milestone of membership with over 1600 members, we’re adding another section to the resources for the site: a


Component-Capable Release Management is Key to DevOps

By Derek Weeks on November 18, 2013 Sonatype Says

Part 3 — Part 4 Component-Capable Release Management is Key to DevOps – Part 5 Up Next