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DevSecOps Leadership Forum: 500 Innovators Learning from Shared Experiences

By Matt Howard on May 14, 2020 Community
This is a recap of experiences and insights shared at the 2020 DevSecOps Leadership Forum. On demand recordings of the event are now available for free.

The Guards Are Changing:  How DevSecOps is Transforming the Application Security Profession 

By Matt Howard on April 08, 2018 DevOps Culture
How the simultaneous "need for speed" and "quest for control" is not only driving organizations to embrace DevSecOps -- but is also revamping what it even means to be an application security

Fewer Gates, More Guardrails: DevSecOps Lessons Learned in 2017

By Matt Howard on December 31, 2017 Sonatype
Now is the perfect time to understand how DevSecOps can promote tribal trust and enable teams to accelerate innovation while maintaining security controls.

Red Hat Summit is a Quality Choice: Here's Why

By Matt Howard on April 28, 2017 Red Hat
Join Sonatype at Red Hat Summit 2017.

DevSecOps: Catching Fire

Waterfall-native approaches to security could not keep pace with new DevOps-native requirements and they were shunned. Times have changed. Enter: DevSecOps.