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DevSecOps Leadership Forum: 500 Innovators Learning From Shared Experiences

By Matt Howard on May 14, 2020 Community

5 minute read time

This is a recap of experiences and insights shared at the 2020 DevSecOps Leadership Forum. On demand recordings of the event are now available for free.

The Guards Are Changing:  How DevSecOps is Transforming the Application Security Profession 

By Matt Howard on April 08, 2018 DevOps Culture

4 minute read time

How the simultaneous "need for speed" and "quest for control" is not only driving organizations to embrace DevSecOps -- but is also revamping what it even means to be an application security

Fewer Gates, More Guardrails: DevSecOps Lessons Learned in 2017

By Matt Howard on December 31, 2017 Sonatype

4 minute read time

Now is the perfect time to understand how DevSecOps can promote tribal trust and enable teams to accelerate innovation while maintaining security controls.

Red Hat Summit is a Quality Choice: Here's Why

By Matt Howard on April 28, 2017 Red Hat

1 minute read time

Join Sonatype at Red Hat Summit 2017.

DevSecOps: Catching Fire

3 minute read time

Waterfall-native approaches to security could not keep pace with new DevOps-native requirements and they were shunned. Times have changed. Enter: DevSecOps.