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Nexus Reference Platform: Kompose, OpenShift and Helm

By Curtis Yanko on August 29, 2018 Docker

I was so excited by my success with Docker Stacks in my last blog post that I wanted to explore some additional options for migrating from Docker Compose to


Nexus Reference Platform: Docker Stack and Kubernetes

By Curtis Yanko on August 27, 2018 Docker

For a little over a year now I've been using Docker to help me manage my local demo environment. It has also helped me in my workshops by making it easy for


The Un-Conference 2018

By Derek Weeks on May 16, 2018 Nexus Lifecycle

Attending conferences provides an incredible learning opportunity, but they also come at a cost.  Throw in $1700 for airfare and lodging, $500 for the


The Road to Software Success at Fannie Mae is Paved with DevOps Native Tools

By Matt Howard on August 26, 2017 DevOps tool chain

Fannie Mae, the organization that underpins the entire residential mortgage market in the US, is a great example of how large enterprises can become more


Concerned about Container Security? Try the Nexus Platform.

By Michelle Dufty on August 10, 2017 Nexus Lifecycle

So many organizations are using containers to reliably move software applications between environments in order to speed up innovation. However, in our